Commercial Gutter Cleaning

Clean gutters is an essential for many clients when it comes to meeting health and safety regulations.
Using the latest gutter vacuum with camera technology means we can inspect gutters before and after the clean to ensure the job has been completed to the highest standard.
Our machinery delivers an in-depth clean, which removes all water, mud, plants and any debris collected in the gutters over time. Additional to the high-level gutter cleaning, we also ensure the lower level drains are clear.
Gutter cleaning can be undertaken from ground level or using a Genie 34/20 cherry picker. We use a wireless camera to ensure the internal guttering is completely clear and clean. The revolutionary 3 High Powered Suction Motors and lightweight carbon fiber poles to give us total control and the ability to reach intricate places.
Photos from the camera are supplied upon completion with a report of any detrimental findings to the guttering or roof line. 
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High access gutter cleaning and repairs on commercial building
Poolside Patio After Pressure Washing

Commercial Pressure Washing

Our high-pressure wash machinery is capable of tackling the heaviest dirt and will make any area look brand new, from patio areas, outdoor furniture or roofing.

There is an increasing demand for high-level pressure washing on roofing. Pressure washing removes moss and fixes discolouration to roof tiles caused by weather and pollution. Paxtons specialise in the safe undertaking of roof cleaning and our team will advise on the best method of clean and access to accommodate the type of property.

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High Access Cleaning

Paxtons are proud to now offer services for High level access requirements and have invested in a new Genie 34/20, capable of reaching 34ft high safely and effortlessly.
With Health and Safety requirements of today, clients need to ensure safe access when at height. All staff at Paxtons are l IPAF trained and have full, up to date safety checks on the equipment that we operate.
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High access gutter cleaning and repairs on commercial building