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Paxtons Cleaning specialises in the meticulous cleaning, restoration and preservation of delicate stone surfaces, historic sites and aged structures throughout Uxbridge and beyond. Recognised as experts in Soft Wash, our dedicated services are sought after by architects, surveyors, conservation organisations, as well as building and refurbishment firms across Uxbridge and the surrounding areas.

Harnessing the power of Soft Wash, and an array of advanced techniques, we possess the ability to efficiently and economically clean and restore a wide array of stone varieties including:

  • Granite
  • Sandstone
  • Portland stone
  • Marble
  • Limestone
  • Slate
  • Terracotta
  • Masonry
  • Brickwork
  • And many more
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For numerous years, Paxtons Cleaning has been dedicated to the cleaning and revitalisation of stone, masonry and brick structures spanning across Uxbridge and surrounding areas. Our expertise extends to diverse settings, encompassing historical residences, churches, educational institutions, universities, grand estates, monuments, war memorials and more

With comprehensive insurance coverage and a team that's both extensively trained and adept, we possess the capability to cleanse even the most elevated or challenging-to-access spaces. Our proficiency in utilising access platforms is coupled with rigorous health and safety training.

Our commitment to excellence is evident in our exclusive use of cutting-edge stone cleaning equipment, methodologies and environmentally conscious products. Bolstered by the mastery of our seasoned and skilled stone cleaning professionals, we've earned a reputation that stands as a testament to our unparalleled exterior and stone cleaning services in Uxbridge.

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Our specialised, non-abrasive stone cleaning techniques including professional soft washing, are meticulously designed to delicately eliminate carbon deposits, grime, algae, moss, effluent stains, organic materials, pollution and salt residue. Simultaneously, these methods effectively eradicate spores from stone, masonry and brickwork, all while safeguarding the structural integrity.

Our offerings encompass:

  • Thorough eradication and sanitisation of algae, moss and lichens
  • Contribution to the conservation of the natural stone, leading to reduced expenses associated with extensive restoration
  • A potential guarantee of the stone surface for a duration of up to 5 years
  • Minimal environmental impact, characterised by water conservation
  • Complete assurance of no harm inflicted upon the stone structure

Entrust us with your precious architectural features, confident in our specialised methods' ability to cleanse and protect without compromise.

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Benefit from Our Stone Cleaning Expertise & Experience in Uxbridge

Preserving the allure and integrity of stone structures requires a specialised touch that only a professional cleaning company can provide. Whether it's the intricate carvings on a centuries-old church or the stately façade of a period property, the significance of these structures demands a level of care and precision that goes beyond conventional cleaning methods. Some of the compelling benefits of partnering with Paxtons Cleaning, a professional stone cleaning company include:

Patio Pressure Wash in Uxbridge
Tailored Expertise
  • We possess a deep understanding of various stone types, historical contexts and the unique challenges they present.
  • Our expertise allows for tailored cleaning approaches that maintain the character of the structure while effectively removing accumulated pollutants, grime and organic matter.

Engaging a professional stone cleaning company like Paxtons Cleaning is not merely a matter of aesthetics; it's a commitment to upholding history and safeguarding the legacy of our built heritage. The combination of specialised expertise, advanced techniques and a dedicated preservation mindset makes us invaluable partners in the ongoing effort to maintain the beauty and historical significance of our architectural treasures.

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